Dermatology & Skin Care

Pollution, sun and harsh weather often have a negative effect on our skin. At Awazen, we offer a number of treatments that can reverse these effects rolex replica rolex replica.
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How Can Our Clinic Help You?

Living fast-paced lives can sometimes make us forget how important our skin is. Yet, our skin is one of the organs that need most care as we expose it to all kinds of environments. Here at Awazen Medical Center, our specialists offer state of the art treatments to leave your skin looking and feeling like new. From whitening facials that reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation to collagen induction therapy, which spurs the growth of new collagen for a firmer skin texture.
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Areas of Expertise


Indulge yourself in a number of enriching and beautifying treatments, which energize your skin and tone your muscles.

Enhancement treatments
Pearl radiant Hydracool facial Microdermabrasion Chock (glow/whitening/exfoliation) Chock (glow/whitening/exfoliation) + Eyes Zen Glow (peptide) Microneedling face + mask

Velvet facials
Gold facial Vitamin C facial

Skin resurfacing/ tightening - E matrix3
Facial tightening (sublime) Acne scars resurfacing - half face Acne scars resurfacing - full face Skin resurfacing - large parts + stretch marks Skin resurfacing - small parts + stretch marks

Eye treatments

We offer special treatments that brighten and restore your youthful healthy eyes.

Chock bright eyes Eye jet Collagen eye treatment

About The Doctor

Dr. Yoonseok Oh

Specialist Dermatology
Having a passion for treating pigmentation through laser, Dr. Yoonseok uses the latest technology to handle intractable pigments like freckle, lentigine, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, Ota’s nevus, and A...
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