Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

One of the most important factors when undergoing any surgery is that surgeons are equipped with the latest tools and have long years of experience in the field.
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How Can Our Clinic Help You?

The surgeons at Awazen Medical Center are available for any questions you may have about plastic and reconstructive surgery – be it for subtle changes to your appearance, or correcting a birth or trauma induced defect. We extend a compassionate approach to all of our patients and understand that the choice to undergo plastic surgery is a deeply personal one. Let our dedicated team work with you to achieve a more confident you.

Reduction (Male and Female) Augmentation Lift

Alloplastic augmentation/Facial implants Lower & upper eyelid surgery (blephtoplasty) Rhinoplasty/Nose job Ear surgery Face, eye, and forehead lifts (face lift)

Vaginoplasty Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) Thigh Lifts Arms lift Butt lift Liposuction Body contouring

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About The Doctor

Dr. Roland Tohme

Specialist Plastic Surgeon
After completing his studies in Universite St. Jospeh du Liban and St. Louis de Paris, Dr. Roland has had extensive training and experience in aesthetic and post-bariatric plastic surgery. Dr. Roland has 14 years of e...
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