Nutrition & Fitness

At any given stage of your life, proper nutrition is an important element in the overall quality of your well-being. To achieve your goals, you may need to work with professionals to develop a safe nutrition and fitness regime. A balanced diet can help ward off disease, improve appearance, and increase energy levels – giving you a healthier life to spend with your loved ones.
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How Can Our Clinic Help You?

Through personalized diet plans and specific exercise regimes, Awazen Medical Center’s dieticians and staff look forward to supporting your fitness and nutrition goals. To help reach your best self, we are home to a contemporary gym to enable you to begin or maintain your fitness target. Open at convenient times for busy schedules, the gym includes modern equipment for a full body workout, and our knowledgeable personal trainers are on hand to help create a custom plan designed just for you. Schedule an appointment today with one of our specialists to start your journey of nutrition and fitness.

Diet Plans
Weight Loss Diet Weight Gain Diet Chronic Disease Diet Genetic Concluded Diet Weight maintenance Diet plans for pregnant & lactating women

Slimming Programs
Cryolipolysis Electro Stimulation Ultrasound Cavitation VelaShape

Fitness and Exercise
Personal Trainer Group Sessions Boot Camp Electronic Muscle Stimulators (Venus)"

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