Healthy Weight Solution Program

For many unique reasons, we might find ourselves wanting to lose weight. Doing so with the support of experts is helpful for a lifelong approach to healthy living. Without the assistance of professionals, working towards a renewed and revitalized self can be a challenge, however, it is not a journey you have to take alone.
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How Can Our Clinic Help You?

At Awazen Medical Center, our holistic approach towards weight loss incorporates many solutions, all available at our onsite clinic to help us deliver complete 360-degree care. We include medical nutrition, fitness, personal training solutions, and when necessary, bariatric surgery to create the correct treatment plan tailored towards your lifestyle. Contact us today to set up a consultation and begin your journey towards healthy weight loss.
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About The Doctor

Dr. Faisal Baddar

Consultant Family Physician
Dr. Faisal Baddar is a Family Medicine physician and the Medical Director of Awazen Medical Center. He obtained his medical degree from Mc Gill Univeristy in Montreal, Canada, and after compl...
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Mrs. Ola Mezher

As a dietician at Awazen Medical Center, Ola Mezher has been delivering weight loss programs to the local community for over eight years. After obtaining a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics f...
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Dr. Bushr Mrad

General and Bariatric Surgeon
Dr. Bushr Mrad graduated from medical school at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Completed his postgraduate training in General Surgery at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Ca...
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