Oral hygiene is the gateway to human health. Maintaining oral health is not only about the improvement of dental aesthetics in color, position, shape and size, but also about having strong healthy teeth. Here at Awazen we take pride in enabling patients to feel confident about their healthy radiant smiles.
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How Can Our Clinic Help You?

Through specialized and efficient methods, Awazen Medical Center makes sure that patients maintain optimum oral health. Our objective is to provide convenience as well as effectiveness, in order to guarantee that our customers are encouraged to pay us a visit whenever they need. Methods may include:
Methods may include:
  • Same day dental surgery
  • Immediate loading implant procedures
  • Single veneers/crowns in one sitting
  • Sedation during procedures (gas)
  • Availability of intra oral scanner
  • Using microscope to provide better accuracy in procedures

Areas of Expertise
General Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontic Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry (Smile Makeover) Endodontic Treatments (Root Canal) Implantology Smile Makeover

Our clinic delivers no matter what; be it an issue with a standard tooth problem, a routine dental cleaning, or for cosmetic purposes. Our world-class dental team is available to listen to your concerns and schedule the correct procedure for you – all while using minimally invasive techniques and cutting-edge technology.
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About The Doctor

Dr. Ziad Saqer

Head of Dental Department
Dr. Ziad Saqer is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Dentistry, having worked in various countries across the GCC and the Middle East. Dr. ...
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Dr. Sarah Almanquel

GP Dentist
Dr. Sarah graduated from Damascus University in Syria as a General Practitioner in the field of Dentistry, with an emphasis in Cosmetic and Digital Dentistry, as well as Dental Laser. She uses the latest technologies ava...
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Dr. Claude Haddad

Specialist Endodontist
Dr. Claude has a diploma in Endodontics after graduating from the University of Damascus, Syria in 2002, She is a registered in the Syrian Dental Association. Dr. Claude worked in both Syria and Canada and has been l...
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Dr. Eyad Hamade

Specialist Orthodontist
Dr. Eyad graduated from Damascus University in Syria in 2001 and received a Diploma in Orthodontics from the same university in 2003. He received a Master's degree in Orthodontics in 2007 and a Master's in Orthodontics a...
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