Mrs. Ola Mezher

As a dietician at Awazen Medical Center, Ola Mezher has been delivering weight loss programs to the local community for over eight years. After obtaining a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Lebanese International University, Mrs. Mezher began her career with an internship at Labib Medical Center in Lebanon. As a registered dietician in Lebanon and UAE, she provides expertise in nutritional advice, pregnancy diets, as well as lactation and diet plans for weight loss and weight gain.

Focusing on the specific needs of the patient, let Mrs. Mezher help you develop an individual plan to achieve healthy results.

Mrs. Mezher’s areas of interest include the following:


Nutrition & Fitness

For whatever stage of our lives, proper nutrition is an important element in the overall quality of our well-being. To achieve our goals, we may need...

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Healthy Weight Solution Program

For many unique reasons, we might find ourselves wanting to lose weight. Doing so with the support of experts is helpful for a lifelong approach to healthy...

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