Dr. Faisal Baddar

Dr. Faisal Baddar is a Family Medicine physician and the Medical Director of Awazen Medical Center. He obtained his medical degree from Mc Gill Univeristy in Montreal, Canada, and after completing his training in family medicine at the University of Ottawa, worked as a full-time hospitalist in rural Ontario, Canada. Since his arrival to the United Arab Emirates in 2013, his career has focused on outpatient medicine, primary care, and prevention, and encompasses extensive experience in helping patients with diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Recently, he supported the expansion of primary care services in Abu Dhabi through his work at Awazen Medical Center, where his specialties include: chronic pain management, preventive medicine, sports medicine, and the care of children and the elderly. He is one of the few family physicians in the UAE trained in psychotherapy, and can treat anxiety and depression, as well as related illnesses, with or without the help of medication. Dr. Baddar is exceptionally skilled in tracking the long-term concerns of his patients and being an excellent manager of their care within the healthcare system, including coordinating and following up with all of his patients' outside care, such as referrals, emergency visits, hospitalization and physiotherapy.

He also works with the community, including local companies and schools to develop healthcare programs that help promote primary care and prevention in the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Baddar’s areas of interest include the following:


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